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Not all those who wander are lost. This popular quote from J.R.R. Tolken has touched the hearts of many travelers, but few live true to its words. Wanderers, Nomads, Adventure-Seekers & Travelers alike all find common ground on the open road. We are restless when we find ourselves in one spot for too long. We have those places we love to visit, but we crave new and exciting adventures and experiences. We will check out the tourist traps, but we make our own maps. Our itinerary is not necessarily "planned out". We explore the side streets and discover secrets that even the locals have forgotten about. We are not afraid of a one way ticket and we are not scared of not knowing what is around the next turn. We are ok with getting lost (unless we are hungry) and we can always eat! We do not have a home, we wander. TravelLust is the desire to explore, the want to discover, the love of adventure, and the need to experience new places. TravelLust is the love of all things Travel!


We are Amanda & Michael Connolly. A traveling couple, and husband & wife production team. We travel often, not as a profession, but for our profession. Travel with us as we discover the world one destination at a time!


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